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Are your clothes not dry at the end of the cycle? Need assistance in assessing your dryer issues?

We can help! We service dryer repair in Folsom CA. Our reliable staff of licensed technicians is highly efficient and knowledgeable.

They work quickly and aim to get the job done on the initial call. All you have to do is invite us over and we'll handle the rest.

Whether your dryer is new or old, we can perform service on all makes and models of washers and washer parts. Some homeowners attempt to fix the problem themselves only to risk their safety and typically end up exacerbating the situation.

Let us handle it correctly and safely from the start. Don't waste your time or money, just contact us and we'll be there as soon as possible to fix it for you.

It is our duty and we are proud to provide excellent dryer repair service, general dryer maintenance, replacement of dryer parts, and diagnosing dryer issues. So when you're in need of dryer repair or dryer parts in Folsom CA, you know who to call. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping to alleviate some of your household stress.

Helpful tip

A lack of heat production in a gas dryer could be because of many reasons. First, use a multimeter on the thermal fuse to make sure it's transferring power. Then, check if the heating element has continuity. If so, the radiant sensor should be tested next. Then, he igniter and lastly if none of these are to blame, try installing new gas valve coils to see if it makes a difference. This replacement is possible as a DIY repair job so long as you have the equipment needed to disassemble and reassemble your dryer.

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