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If you have a leaking washer, a washer that isn't spinning properly, or you just sense that something isn't as it should be: call the professionals today.

Our hand selected team of licensed technicians is available to provide you with remarkable and prompt service. We are able to perform standard maintenance, replacement of washer parts, diagnose issues, and general washer repair service in Folsom CA.

We are also able to work on all models, makes, and brands of washers.

The faster you contact us, the faster we can help solve your washer repair issues. Ignoring the problem or trying to wish it away usually only makes matter worse and potentially more costly; especially if there is water leakage which can lead to water and property damage. Why put your household through that when the issue could be assessed shortly? Our technicians are experienced and our company has a long line of satisfied clients who give us repeat business.

Don't let your laundry or your water bill pile up unnecessarily. We'll be there in a jiffy to give you exceptional washer repair or replacement of washer parts in Folsom CA and the surrounding areas. We take the utmost pride in our outstanding washer repair services.

Helpful tip

What are the biggest mistakes people make with their washing machine? Many overload their washing machine, causing it to not be able to spin properly. This reduces cleaning performance and significantly hurts the machine. Some put heavy blankets on one side and light sheets on another, causing an imbalance, which shifts the machine and can lead to serious problems as well. Also, many are guilty of estimating laundry detergent amounts, which can prevent clothes from getting clean, even if too much is used.

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